How gorgeous are these ramshead salt cellars.  Victorian silverplate, gilded insides.  You don’t have to put salt in ’em–Duke did plenty of that last night at Cameron Indoor!

I knew there was a reason why I did most of my shopping in England & France–even in the 19th century they totally got the beauty and importance of the Ram–put it on lots of their finest tableware and jewelry/display boxes. Here’s the latest infusion of  ram “motif” knickknacks.  First, there’s this fabulous brass standing jardinere with ram’s head handles and ram’s hooves–big and gorgeous in an entryway filled with a Christmas cactus or a fern?   Or better yet, use it as a wine cooler at your next tailgate!   Then there’s a pair of Victorian silverplate and cranberry glass ram’s head “comports”–I apologize for the red inserts but they are original and let’s face it–even the most loyal of us Tarheels sometimes paint our dining rooms red!  (BREAKING NEWS:  I just unpacked the comports and they look great withOUT the cranberry glass!)

And finally, that bronze cask with the standing ram on top is still here.  It’s actually a hunt motif box, probably used for jewelry or other treasures because it’s blue velvet lined inside and is very unique.  19th century. Looks great anywhere.

There are 2 or 3 more ram’s items here–one even holds flowers, but you’ll have to come see those for yourselves!

Now I know not all of you are Tarheel fans, so you can just back away and leave these for those of you who are!  (SO sorry I couldn’t find a single Blue Devil anywhere….)

Brass Ram Jardinere   SOLD!    Pair of Victorian Silverplate and Cranberry Glass Comports ONE AVAILABLE Bronze Hunt Box $865