Bonjour from the South of France!  (I have now exhausted my French!)  I am here with my daughter Rachel shopping the “Big 3” quarterly markets where you can see the most amazing things (world’s largest overmantel mirrors, in fact oversized everything  for those oversized chateaus I guess) and the most amazing “getups” (this year’s trend is apparently shirtless men of all ages and all sizes, with a hint of underwear showing above their oh so stylish sweatpants–yeah, it’s 90 degrees here too!)  Anyway, I digress.  I am posting this photo of a great little starburst/sunburst (which is it?) mirror which, if it makes it home in one piece, has a convex mirror in it, to give you just a hint of what’s coming.  But since I am the world’s laziest “blogger,” and have a short attention span to boot, I am now posting frequent little pics and quips on my  new FACEBOOK page:  KnickKnack Paddywhack Antiques.  Go there and tell me what you think!