A ginormous thank you to all of you who have braved the madness, patiently waited for me to find a missing price on the computer, came back to pick up presents I didn’t have time to giftwrap on the spot, were nice about the exuberant greetings from Stella and the harassment from the “terrier-ists,”  sent your friends, shared your good news and not so good news and were just plain fun to be around!  This has been KnickKnack’s best year ever and I’ve had a ball shopping for those one of a kind goodies that I think I can never part with (until I see my bank account balance), and then seeing someone else like them as much as I do.  The pleasure has been all mine.

Time to take a little break and consume mass quantities of food and drink, lay around in a food coma watching football games I don’t care about and enjoying my family.  You too.  Happy Holidays–see you in January!