I knew this would happen one day.  I just didn’t know it would be now.  My daughter Rachel (also known sardonically as my “BIT”–Buyer in Training), is opening up her version of KKPW in France!  Of course, she’s way ahead of me already–has a new name, Abeille Antiquites, a chic logo and a great website which is in English AND French:  www.abeilleantiquites.com.  (I can barely speak English,  so I’m already left in the dirt and  I’m still trying to put price tags on everything before the next open house starts at noon (a spur of the moment decision which could ruin my perfect rainy day afternoon plans of starting David McCullough’s new book The Greater Journey, but might help my pocketbook).

ANYWAY, this is a match made in heaven.  Rachel has been antiquing with me all over the world since she was a little girl.  I’ll never forget her explaining, at the ripe old age of 10, what asparagus tongs were to my friend Alene at the Paris Ouen flea market. I also can’t count the number of times she has stopped me from making an ill advised purchase because she saw some damage or problem I had missed (and I’m pretty careful!)  Since she moved to France after graduating from Chapel Hill in 2010, she has gone to local brocantes and flea markets for me when she’s had the time. The result has been some great things at fabulous prices that have flown out of here.  My “regulars” are always asking where Rachel’s latest purchases are because they know my dirty little secret rule of:  “If I get a good deal, you get a good deal,” and Rachel’s purchases are always in that category.   Why?  Because she lives over there and can therefore get to all those little pop up boot sales in out of the way places that I can only dream about.