Knick Knack Paddywhack is an antiques business based on a travel obsession run amok.  For the last 9 years, I have been travelling to England and France, going to the hinterlands at “o dark 100”  in order to find assorted antiques and collectibles that make my, and hopefully your, eyes light up.  I am even burying my ego to prove this point and show you a photo of me shopping in 100+ degree weather in the Roussillon region of France this summer to disabuse you of the notion that I hang out in beautifully appointed shops swilling champagne in a Baccarat flute.  I mean why else would I acknowledge that I have bared my “flags” (aka upper arms) in public.  I have spared you from the  photo where the bag I’m carrying actually looks like it’s my fanny and it’s HUGE (the bag and the fanny/the fanny and the bag/all of the above?) And the hat–my mother and sister used to make me try on hats for entertainment on childhood trips to Belk’s.  Oh my eyes, my eyes!!!