clignancourt Hello from Paris!

And no, I did not get to bring the lovely young man pictured in the photo home with me (and apparently did not remember to brush my hair yesterday morning either).  This photo was taken at the Clignancourt market on the outskirts of Paris by my husband who, along with some great friends from NY, are all with me for a long weekend (for them) in Paris.  Ill be here til Wednesday for a big market at Bastille, then back to London to finish up my Christmas shopping before I come home to hopefully help you with yours!  Anyway, it was the general consensus of the other 3 that the reason I bought several things from this guy was, well, this guy.  Actually, the fact that he had fabulous things, like a Black Forest desk set that I couldn’t resist, as well as a 19thc carved wood duck decoy and a large yellow glazed provencal confit jar (we packed the decoy in there, hoping for a nice duck confit by the time it gets home!) was the REAL reason, I swear!

Below is another photo of the things I found at Porte de Vanves, a weekend street market full of lots of things you would never want, along with a few treasures you would, and many, many newly stolen computer, phone and blackberry cords and various toiletries fresh off the conveyor belt at the airport baggage claim area.  The theft of such things from my daughter’s room (while she slept) in Montpellier, France last year has made me a teeny bit fierce about this version of free enterprise, so much so that I took a photo to memorialize the moment and was seriously verbally assaulted by a woman “vendor”–shocking that she didn’t want her picture taken, isn’t it?   Folks, it isn’t easy finding and buying these great and often one of a kind things,  but it sure is fun once they’re home and the shipment is unpacked!   If you’re interested in any of them, send me an email at kkpwantiques@gmail.comporte de vanves